The Export website was launched in Iran in 2017 with the aim of creating a platform for the presence of experts and business operators in the field of export and import.
The professional and expert team of SiteExport, with years of experience in the field of export and import and related processes, will provide you with comprehensive, authentic and practical information.
We have many visitors to our website in Farsi, whether they are importers, exporters or agents. Export Iran is the most visited website in the field of foreign trade in Iran.
You can introduce your products and services to all the manufacturing and trading companies in Iran through the iExport website.

Export services will be as follows:

  • Export and import training
  • Announcement of the latest version of the terms and conditions of import and export
  • Online help desk to analyze Iran’s trade balance situation with other countries
  • Providing advice by experts specializing in business problems
  • Interview with senior and successful businessmen of Iran and share knowledge
  • Collection directory of importers and exporters
  • Introducing your services and products to Iranian manufacturers and traders

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Dr.Ehsan ahsani moghadam

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